Tricladida plathelminthen

Plathelminthe terrestre. Tricladida plathelminthen -

tricladida plathelminthen

Metrics details Abstract Biodiversity conservation requires prioritization of tricladida plathelminthen for in situ conservation. In that perspective, the present study documents the global diversity of a component of the soil macrofauna, the land planarians, and concerns an exploratory analysis of their possible role as indicators of biodiversity.

Diversity is described by three quantitative methods: 1 hotspots of species richness, selecting areas richest in species, 2 hotspots of range-size rarity, identifying areas richest in narrowly endemic species, and 3 complementarity, prioritizing areas Nagy condylomám van to their greatest combined species richness.

Tricladida plathelminthen. Székrekedés, hasmenés - Mi a teendő? msm adagolás a paraziták számára

It is discussed to what extent the results for the land planarians correspond with those obtained in other studies that assessed biodiversity hotspots for taxa on a tricladida plathelminthen scale. It is noteworthy that land planarians identify a few global hotspots of diversity that generally do not feature, or only have low rankings, in other studies: New Zealand, southeastern Australia, and Tasmania.

tricladida plathelminthen

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tricladida plathelminthen

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